Protection Systems

Basler Services has the design and field experience to replace a minimally protected, electromechanical-type generator protection system using relays such as:

    Generator multifunction system upgrades

  • Basler BE1-GPS100BE1-11g
  • Beckwith M3425, M3420, M3430
  • GE SR489
  • SEL-300G, SEL-701, SEL-501, SEL-387

    Generator auto-synchronizing upgrades

  • Basler BE1-25ABE1-11g
  • Beckwith MO193, MO194 and MO188

Consider the advantages of upgrading your system with generator relay protection that includes:

  • Improved system protection and flexibility
  • Cost savings from reduced annual maintenance and calibration testing
  • Availability of more independent functions
  • Smaller units for panel or rack mount
  • Digital displays with real-time metering and system monitoring
  • Communication ports for metering, alarms and fault data when monitoring from remote locations
  • Reduced replacement costs

Basler Services has completed numerous system protection and upgrade projects including upgrades to systems with:

  • Electromechanical relays manufactured by GE, Westinghouse, ABB and Toshiba
  • Solid-state relays manufactured by Basler, ABB, GE and Westinghouse
  • Multifunction generator protection modules manufactured by GE Multilin, Basler, Beckwith and SEL
  • Multifunction overcurrent and multifunction differential protection modules manufactured by Basler and SEL
  • Auto-sync modules and sync-check relays manufactured by Basler
  • Electromechanical auto-sync and sync-check relays manufactured by GE and Westinghouse

Basler Services will identify the equipment best suited to meet your needs. We offer the latest technology available for your generator relay protection and auto-synchronizing upgrade projects.

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